ABOUT La Visión Latinoamericana

La Visión Latinoamericana is a nonprofit NGO whose mission is to expand knowledge and understanding of the academic community regarding relevant to the social, economic, political and cultural materials from Latin America.

La Visión Latinoamericana was founded in November 2012 with the main purpose to promote the integration of the peoples of Our America. Through a process of registration with the Division of Corporations of the State of New York, in the United States, La Visión Latinoamericana became a non-profit NGO. Our first major short-term goal has become to organize a conference that meets prominent personalities from Latin America and 300 participants in order to have presentations, speeches and moderated discussion sessions. In the long term, our organization aims to carry out exchange projects and college students conferences in Latin America.

La Visión Latinoamericana invites you to support the discussion of issues relevant to Latin America. Through our website you can get more information about our organization and the events we do.

You can show your support for our organization by giving donations. Please work with La Visión Latinoamericana, in the most generous way possible, to contribute to the integration of the Americas. Please Contact us at info@visionlatinoamericana.org.